Seaside Steadiness🌊

Once I was calmly sitting in a boat by the seaside, with only my soulmate beside me. We were gazing across the sea into the distance. The serenity was only interrupted by occasional small jolts, from behind the boat. But since we were at the shore and the scenery was so captivating I didn’t lookContinue reading “Seaside Steadiness🌊”

Clouded outside, Clear within

The distant goal is clouded, But if the heart within is clear Light will flood your path ahead And faith will replace fear. So take a step forward Resolute and sincere And the clouds will soon part What’s far will soon be near~ *** Background: This is in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt forContinue reading “Clouded outside, Clear within”

Consistency is Key🔑

Nothing beats Consistency. This comes from focussing on the process, not on perfection. Brush aside all excuses your mind gives. Be consistent in all your efforts! Think big, act small. Focus on the next baby step towards your goal. Success is a process. Bring everyday momentum! © Dr. Kanya Rani Vashisht Life is Beautiful 2020Continue reading “Consistency is Key🔑”

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