Tree of Life! @ Disneyworld

This is the ‘Tree of Life’ at Disney world. At a glance, it’s majestic and ‘busy’! The complex carvings on its trunk remind the onlooker on how the entire ecosystem besides being interdependent within itself, is deeply rooted and dependent on trees. I reckon that the entire plant kingdom could probably survive without us, butContinue reading “Tree of Life! @ Disneyworld”

Seaside Steadiness🌊

Once I was calmly sitting in a boat by the seaside, with only my soulmate beside me. We were gazing across the sea into the distance. The serenity was only interrupted by occasional small jolts, from behind the boat. But since we were at the shore and the scenery was so captivating I didn’t lookContinue reading “Seaside Steadiness🌊”

Singapore- City in a Garden ☘

The current global scenario spurs an era of Virtual travel. Reminiscing my post ‘post-graduation’ getaway mega-vacation that revitalized me after a grueling 8+ years of med-school!⭐ . B.t.w… this is an airport🙄 The Changi airport was so huge I could have spent the weekend there. But I had a pick up waiting so I justContinue reading “Singapore- City in a Garden ☘”

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