Morning Walk Discoveries

There’s a World of difference between exercising in a gym and the wild outdoors. There’s something about stepping out into nature in the morning that gives you that dose of SOMETHING – someone please give it a name – that gives you physical and mental strength. I have this thing about wanting to get outContinue reading “Morning Walk Discoveries”

Singapore- City in a Garden ☘

The current global scenario spurs an era of Virtual travel. Reminiscing my post ‘post-graduation’ getaway mega-vacation that revitalized me after a grueling 8+ years of med-school!⭐ . B.t.w… this is an airport🙄 The Changi airport was so huge I could have spent the weekend there. But I had a pick up waiting so I justContinue reading “Singapore- City in a Garden ☘”

Attitude of Service~

This is a quote from the Manusmriti Serving a pure hearted person devoted to the Lord, expands one’s personality and brings about an inner transformation like nothing else. • Upon coming across a pure hearted soul/devotee of God, the Ego, in an attempt to resist change, may reflexly becomes envious & subconsciously try to findContinue reading “Attitude of Service~”

Consistency is Key🔑

Nothing beats Consistency. This comes from focussing on the process, not on perfection. Brush aside all excuses your mind gives. Be consistent in all your efforts! Think big, act small. Focus on the next baby step towards your goal. Success is a process. Bring everyday momentum! © Dr. Kanya Rani Vashisht Life is Beautiful 2020Continue reading “Consistency is Key🔑”

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