Holiday season in New York City❤

(This is not a post from this year. I got into the right headspace to put it all together right about now!)

Christmas light and sound show- Manhattan

We got to visit the city during the festive season, when the celebrations had begun but right before the chilly winters set in. The city was all decked up for Christmas!

Found a lot of pretty cool Christmas trees around town the variety was amazing! The more the merrier🎄🎄

Times Square! There were dynamic and vibrant displays all around- showcasing all the latest & popular artists and themes. The Red Stairs, a popular landmark for tourists, was also our meeting point where I was to meet a childhood friend of mine!

Meeting my childhood best friend after 2 decades was a thrilling experience that left me fulfilled.

Rockefeller centre

After the magical meeting with my friend we still had a few days for touring the city!

The Rockefeller centre stands out in between the other Manhattan (a part of NYC) buildings. You’ll recognize the Christmas tree at the bottom of the Rockefeller centre as the spot where the family in the movie Home Alone finally reunites 😀

The Brooklyn bridge is one of the main attractions of NYC. It’s a 30 minute walk across and you can view the city skyline right in front of you while you walk. Amazing landscape and some unforgettable memories!

Ending this post with the sunset at NYC’s coastline along the Atlantic ocean.

Can you beat that sunset though?

Here’s to finding inner peace.

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