Tree of Life! @ Disneyworld

This is the ‘Tree of Life’ at Disney world. At a glance, it’s majestic and ‘busy’! The complex carvings on its trunk remind the onlooker on how the entire ecosystem besides being interdependent within itself, is deeply rooted and dependent on trees. I reckon that the entire plant kingdom could probably survive without us, but nothing can survive without it.

As the day passed the Tree of Life literally ‘came to life’ with a mellow light & sound show that drew onlookers close to observe the engraved details with awe. It was like experiencing the importance of trees in a very different way.

This post is in response to Eugenia’s prompt and I’d like to share a couple of additional things. I read a blog post (shared here) on how expressing care for trees can be perceived as ‘uncool’ or unconventional among younger crowds. I wish that could change.

Trees ARE life; ‘tree-less-ness’ (if that’s a word) is equivalent to a desert. Yes, trees are silent, immobile and cannot speak for themselves. We really need to acknowledge that we need them and not the other way round.

Trees make the environment cool, and supporting trees is cool. I’d be happy to learn about other bloggers’ initiatives, thoughts and participation in supporting the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Tree of Life! @ Disneyworld

  1. What a wonderful post and I love your support for trees. It’s so true that we need them for survival but they don’t need us. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

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